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Vehicle Decals & Magnetics

Beej Designs produce custom car wraps / decals and car signage for businesses and individuals who are looking to add a personalised touch to their vehicle. Invest in your business vehicle as a rolling advertisement and make a presences in your area, or make your personal vehicle stand out from the crowd with our easy, efficient and affordable car decal services, including everything from entire vehicle wrapping, to panel signage, custom vinyl decals, one way vision window decals and magnetic car signage.

Designed & Supplied, Without Even Visiting Your Premises!   with Options for us to Apply

It’s true… We only need a square-on photo and a couple of supplied measurements to work our custom car decal magic. We have supplied businesses as far as New Zealand with custom car decals through the mail, based off photographs and measurement – with simple and easy instructions for self-application.

Designed with you applying your own decals in mind, you’ll find it’s not half as scary as it sounds… its actually quite fun!

Vehicle Graphics – Powerful Advertising on Wheels

A vehicle with quality custom graphics from Beej Designs acts as an advertisement for you company everywhere it goes. It shows a presence in your area, and familiarization branding makes people feel more comfortable and trusting of your business. A powerful advertising/marketing tool that easily rewards your investment.

Car Magnets Signage

Magnetic car signage is a convenient, cost effective, removable and replaceable way to advertise your business on your vehicle. Have the options of giving your vehicle a professional image on the job site, without having permanent decals on your personal car. Designed to use as and when you like.


We can customise your personal vehicle to your own style and preferences, to bling it up, or make it look speedy!

Contact Beej Designs today for orders, quotes or enquiries about any of our custom car decal and vehicle signage services.


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