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Custom Decals & Stickers

Create your own custom decals, whether you need 1 to or over 1000!

We can design and print a whole array of custom vinyl decals and stickers, perfect for use as wall and window advertising or decoration, bumper stickers, or any other form of personalised, durable, adhesive display or décor.

Digital Vinyl Decals

  • Made custom to any size
  • Print photo quality images
  • Use genuine Roland Eco-Sol inks, UV stabilised and last years before fading outdoors
  • UV laminate gives inks a further 2yrs protection from fading outdoors
  • Decals come with easy to follow application instructions

Top Quality: Our highest quality custom decals are made from superior 5yr vinyl, and include a UV protection laminate to protect from sun and scuffing. They also have an easy-apply adhesive back that allow air-bubbles to be pushed away from the decal sticker a lot easier than some cheaper vinyls, to ensure a professional, smooth finish. All our work s completed right here in the Darling Downs. We also go out and visit our clients in Toowoomba, Warwick and as far as Brisbane.

Short Term: We also have a cheaper range of vinyl decals that are printed on 3yrs vinyl, and do not come with UV laminate or easy-apply adhesive. These are a more affordable option for short-term promotional usage.

Solid Vinyl Decals

We can use solid coloured vinyls, e.g. solid red, black, white etc.… where the decal is computer cut only, and no ink is applied. These decals can last up to 6 years!

Custom Decal Pricing and Ordering

The best thing would be to call or email us for a quote as artwork, quantity, sizes and material all play a part in the pricing.

To give you an idea, the below two prices do not include artwork or postage, but compares 5yr digital vinyl plus UV Laminate to 3yr digital vinyl:

Qty. 100 decals with the size of 200mm x 100mm:

  • $3.00 each for 5yr vinyl
  • $1.85 each for 3yr vinyl


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