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Portraits & Illustrations

Let us help you turn your photos into original works for art! We provide commissioned portraits and pencil illustrations of pets, people, or other images, which are perfect for gifts, or as feature pieces of art to hang on the wall. Beej Designs owner, Brenda Lowry, is a professional and experienced artist, with a passion for illustration…

I have loved drawing since a very early age and I have always been drawn to realistic and detailed drawings, these drawings take 25-35+ hours to do but they are well worth the effort to get that realistic look. I mainly work with graphite pencils but I can work with colours as well.

Commission A Meaningful Gift

Ordering a commissioned pet portrait is a wonderful way to immortalise your beloved dog, cat, horse… or any other animal, and makes a great gift for a passionate pet owner.

Human portraits can also be commissioned as a special gift to somebody that may have lost a loved one, or a unique way to capture a special image. Custom pencil illustrations carry a certain magical prestige, and I’ve been told by numerous customers and friends that high quality illustrations seem to ‘come to life’, and capture the essence of the subject more than a photo can – making them a very special gift.

Other commissioned illustrations such as vehicles, plants, flowers or scenery are of course also welcome!

I work from good quality or damaged photos, and can give an accurate quote after receiving the photo via email or post.

Approximate Prices (Depending on the subject and detail needed)

A4 single subject $450 – $1150.00 (working on $30 p/hr rate)

A3 single subject $550 – $1450.00 (working on $30 p/hr rate)

For additional subjects or full background images, please ask for a quote

How to Order

Just post or email me a photo of the image you wish to be drawn, I will then be able to give you a fixed quote. If you are happy with the quote, I will then email you an invoice.
Turn around time can be up to 4 weeks, so I break the payments down into quarters (a deposit to start the drawing and then progressive payments as the portrait progresses with photo updates, so you can see your portrait developing). Once finished, I will carefully pack your drawing and post it to you with a tracking number.


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