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Logo designs are the hardest and the most important part of your company’s branding / image. After your logo is designed everything else just flows, because you have your colours, your font, your style …. your image.
Throughout the design process, we try and make your company stand out and try to bring images into your logo that represents what you do, we also bring in colours and fonts that will be associated with your company.
Formats Supplied to You: Once your logo has been finalised and approved, we can supply your logo electronically in PDF, EPS and Jpeg formats, in both colour and Black and White / Greyscale.

Approx Pricing: $90.00 – $240.00 (most are approx. $150.00)
Depending on how many hours are spent on developing your logo and if any images are purchased as part of your logo design.
*99% of logos will be designed within this price range, but if more concepts are needed that go outside this price range, we will let you know before this occurs.

You are more than welcome to get a quote from us before we start any work on your designs.

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